German Shepherd Boot Camp Training

Our German Shepherd training program is an in-board boot camp designed specifically for the working GSD. Dogs and puppies enrolled for this training will learn to sit, down, heel (walk at your side without pulling), and come on command.

Boot Camp Training is the foundation for working German Shepherds, preparing them to work as service dogs, therapy companions, and personal family protectors. The other components of our boot camp are physical conditioning, socializations, distraction proofing, confidence building, and off-site training (field trips).

The In Dogs We Trust boot camp is designed to address the training needs for a dog or puppy of any age, we can customize the program to meet your needs.

Boot Camp Dogs

German Shepherd Boot Camp Training includes:

Obedience Training -
Practical and necessary commands for daily living. Commands to walk at your side without pulling, sit automatically when you stop sit stay, down stay, come when called, wait at doors or in a kennel until released, go into a kennel on command, and more! Dog training commands for this program can be in German, Czech, French, or Dutch upon request.

Proper Etiquette - Boot camp dogs travel off-site via field trips where they have the opportunity to meet andgreet humans in public places. These opportunities give us theability to teach them proper etiquette like no jumping up, sitting and waiting at cross-walks, or getting in and out of a vehicle on command.

Pack Socialization. - A dog needs to be able to co-exist within the pack and have proper play style. Boot Camp dogs in training get to run and play in groups of dogs, learning how to act as a pack, and take direction from human pack leaders - the trainers at Neuman K-9 Academy. Level II. and III. boot camp dogs also learn to come when called even while engaged with other dogs.

Field Trips. Opportunities to practice obedience drills in a variety of circumstances. Dogs travel away from Neuman K-9 Academy to train in public and private training areas. Boot camp dogs learn how to behave properly, meeting and greeting people or other dogs in public. Distraction proofing and teaching a dog how to behave outside of it's home environment is necessary if you want the ability take your dog to public places.

Treadmill Training - Our German Shepherd dogs learn to run on a human treadmill; these workouts improve stamina, tone muscles (incline, intervals, power walking), and will help your dog absorb more in training. We include daily cardio and strength training, unlike any other so-called dog boot camp.

Confidence Building - Obstacle courses, environmental stability, and dealing with adversity is why we call this boot camp. Dogs learn to work through various conditions that build confidence such as jumping in/out of vehicles, and going up/down stairs.

Upon completion of boot camp, your canine will receive a certificate of completion in recognition from the Academy, and you will receive a DVD with obedience commands and instructions specific to your dog.

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Boot Camp - 4 Weeks
This program includes: Level I. Obedience, on-leash heeling, on-leash recall, physical conditioning, confidence building, and field trips.

Boot Camp - 8 Weeks
This program includes: Level II. Obedience, on-leash heeling, OFF-leash recall, distraction proofing, physical conditioning, confidence building, field trips, and behavior modification training. Dogs used for service work, therapy, or personal protection will benefit from this program.

Boot Camp - 12 Weeks
This program includes: Level III. Advanced Obedience, OFF-leash healing, OFF-leash recall, distraction proofing, physical conditioning, confidence building, field trips, and advanced obedience training. Dogs used for competitive dog sports or customized service work will benefit from this program.

Puppy Camp - Per Week
Puppies purchased from our breeding program are eligible for puppy camp. This camp begins at eight weeks of age and will continue as long as the owner would like. This program includes crate training, socialization, and foundation obedience (imprinting).

To register: We require a 50% (non-refundable) deposit to hold your place in the course. The remaining balance is due at the time of pick up and/or graduation. Puppy camp students pay on a pre-paid monthly basis.

The German Shepherd dog is highly trainable, with the proper balance between motivation effective communication it can be trained to be the best companion and working dog for the family.

If any of the programs listed here do not meet your needs, contact us for a customized training package. Our dog training facility is located in St. Peter, MN - just north of Mankato. We service all of Minnesota, including Minneapolis and St. Paul.


The owners of In Dogs We Trust, LLC. are proud to be member of both the International Association of Canine Professionals, and Association of Pet Dog Trainers, Schutzhund USA, United States Mondio Ring Club of America, and the Protection Sport Association.

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