About Us
We are a privately owned, dog training facility, that specializes in dog & puppy boot camps. We are located in Hugo, Minnesota on 10 acres of pristine wood lands. We have a 3300 sq/ft climate controlled indoor kennel area, a 3600 sq. ft. training building, groomed walking trails, and a 8000 sq/ft fenced play area. This environment creates a peaceful retreat for dogs to run, play, and socialize within the safety of fenced and gated areas. The German Shepherds breeding program of IDWT is now retired.
The name Wir Vertrauen stands for “We Trust” because we provide German Shepherd dogs trustworthy of protecting you or your family. IDWT was founded by Summer Duggan and Josiah Neuman, professional dog trainers for Neuman K-9 Academy, Inc.
As trainers, we have personally handled and trained German Shepherds from around the world (Germany, Czech, and the U.S.). We have taken this experience and developed a breeding program to accommodate clients, families, and working level professionals with a dog that is functional, intelligent, trainable, and trustworthy.

What is the meaning of trust?

1. (n) Firm reliance on the integrity, ability, or character of a person or dog.

What to expect from Wir Vertrauen German Shepherds:

Dogs of Integrity
- Vertrauen dogs can be relied upon because of our adherence to the code of what we value in a true working dog.

Dogs of Ability
- Vertrauen dogs have the mental and physical ability to learn, think, and solve problems and over come challenges.

Dogs of Character
- Vertauen dogs will fill your home with smiles and laughter and you will sleep better at night knowing your companion is there to protect your family.