Czech Dog Training Commands

The German Shepherd dog can be trained in any language. Here you will find commonly used dog training commands for obedience, protection, tracking, and more. These commands are translated from English to Czech. These dog training commands are also translated in French, Dutch, and German.

 English:  Czech:  (Pronunciation)
 Sit:  Sedni  (sid-nee)
 Down  Lehni  (lay-nee)
 Stand  Stuj  (stuuya)
 Stay  Zustan  (zoo-stan)
 Heel  Knoze  (no-say)
 Come  Kemne  (come-enye)
 Speak  Stekej  (esteke)
 Jump  Hop  (hop)
 Fetch  Aport  (ah-port)
 Go Out  Vpred  (va-porshed)
 Guard/Alert  Pozor  (po-zor)
 Search  Revier  (rev-ear)
 Track  Stopa  (stop-ah)
 Out/Let Go  Pust  (poo-sst)
 No  Pfui  (foo-ee)