Client Testimonials

The true measure of any breeding program is the progeny; the ability to create a dog or puppy that conforms to the standards of the breed, and the goals or expectations of the breeder. We strive to produce and train the best working line German Shepherds in the United States of America, but further - put them in the best possible homes where they work and protect their families everyday. Here you will find real life testimonials and feedback about the dogs and puppies we have produced.

Badger Wir Vertrauen  
Owner's Name: Chris H. / Wisconsin
Dog's Name: Badger Wir Vertrauen

Comments: I found In Dogs We Trust, LLC on the Internet. After reading through the website I viewed videos of Josiah & Summer training dogs. I was so impressed I decided to call and after speaking to Josiah at length, I couldn't have found a nicer more informative person as I had one adult GSD, but still had numerous questions for Josiah since it had been years since I'd had a puppy. I felt that he truly loved the GS breed, I applied for my puppy, and anxiously awaited to see if Josiah thought we were a good match. IDWT is 5.5 hours away but I knew this is where I would want my dog to come from.

We've had him since October & could not be more thrilled. Badger came crate trained, what a relief! He was 4 months old & full of love & already knew how to do so many things. I've had two seasoned Vets on two separate occasions ask me where Badger came from, that he is so "happy go lucky" "not fearful, even when being poked" "he will be a great family dog" "most GSD we see here are fearful & you don't know what they will do when backed into a corner, but NOT this guy"..I was so proud! I knew it was because Josiah had had him. We've taken Badger to Petco, a socialization puppy class & not once has Badger displayed one once of aggression towards adults, children, or other GSD who were in his face barking at him. I may be biased, but IMO, he is by far the most attentive dog in his class and he catches on so fast!! When we've had company over, he's been nothing but friendly. I have a 5 year old boy who he hasn't once nipped while teething! Even being a puppy, Badger has alerted us to when something new is in the yard. I could go on & on. Josiah & Summer are absolutely the best!!

Would recommend IDWT to anyone!! They're hearts are in the right place & they know what they are doing!!

Audi Wir Vertrauen  
Owner's Name: Tamara M. / Minnesota
Dog's Name: Audi Wir Vertrauen (Halo)

Comments: Halo is more than I ever could of hoped for, she is a great companion, she makes me laugh every day, she also is a great protection dog, nothing gets past her, last summer it was about 7:00 in the evening, the door bell rang, someone was going to break into my house, Halo started barking very aggressively, and scared him away, they then went to the next block and broke into a car, 5 minutes later the police came and said these guys were very bad characters, they were not from Mankato, and if I were to see them in the neighborhood, to call 911 right away, I feel very safe with Halo, she takes protecting her family very seriously. She is such a great dog, I’m so happy I have her, I want to thank you again for having such a great breeding program, and giving me the opportunity to have such a great dog as part of our family.

Brando Wir Vertrauen  
Owner's Name: Molly M. / Iowa
Dog's Name: Brando Wir Vertrauen

Comments: I purchased my German Shepherd puppy Brando from In Dogs We Trust, LLC/Wir Vertrauen in November 2010. I was looking for a puppy with working potential with the goal of training him to be a Search and Rescue K9. I have never purchased a dog from a breeder before, so I wasnt sure what to expect.

Josiah and Summer were great to work with and were very helpful in selecting the puppy that showed the potential for the goals I had in mind. They were (and are) always available to answer any questions. They kept me posted on Brandos progress throughout the entire process and sent pictures. Brando has been a complete joy to have around. He has a wonderful temperament confident and steady. He is very handsome and athletic. He is strong, smart, and his intensity is unmatched. Its even drawn comments from the obedience trainers I work with.

He has passed his first level of obedience with flying colors. We will be starting level two in March. Brando has also begun his foundation training for Search and Rescue and is showing awesome potential! The other K9 handlers in the group are very impressed and have threatened to steal him. Hes got lots of fans! Brando is also a wonderful companion; he gets along great with my other dogs and people.

Josiah and Summer are breeding true working dogs and family companions. They are loyal to what the breed should be and not in it to make money. I have no doubt where I will go for my next dog when the time comes. I highly recommend In Dogs We Trust!

Bravo Wir Vertrauen  
Name: Jonathan Derise / Louisiana
Dog's Name: Bravo Wir Vertrauen

Comments: I researched for a german shepherd for months then came across In Dogs We Trust / Neuman K-9, and found Bravo! He was born on my birthday so that made it better, i was really nervous about buying a puppy wile being deployed to Iraq on tour with the US Army but Josiah and Summer really made things great, and easy for me. Their knowledge about dogs and care for ther customer is outstanding. When u get a dog from them its like you become part of their family.

I decided to let Josiah and Summer do his obedience trainning also, so he spent his first 6 months at dog boot camp doing his level one and level two trainning. They were great every week Josiah and Summer would email me pics and a update on how Bravo was doing with his training. It really kept my spirt up to get the emails.

I ended up picking bravo up after Christmas and after a 19 hr drive from Louisiana, it was well worth every penny spent and the time, they greeted me like family and went over every detail about Bravo. All i can say about bravo is WOW! Smart, strong and athletic, he learns things in just one are two trys. And loves to run with me and is so kid friendly and socal with every one, he is better behaved than most kids, and people always are amazed buy him.
It shows that In Dogs we Trust is not in breeding to just throw dogs out, but they really care about the German Shepherd breed and giving you a friend for life.

Bailey Wir Vertrauen  
Name: Marybeth A. / South Carolina
Dog's Name: Bailey Wir Vertrauen

Comments: My fiance purchased our German Shepherd puppy Bailey (Bebe) from 'In Dogs We Trust, LLC.' in October 2010. Working with Josiah & Summer was great. They were very helpful making arrangements to ship our puppy to us and made sure we had all of her papers, etc without any problems. Even better, she was completely house trained when she got here!!

I have worked for years as a K9 police officer in both military and civilian law enforcement and have handled many different German Shepherd's. I was hesitant when my fiance decided to purchase a dog without us seeing her first, but to be honest, we could NOT have been any happier with her.

Bailey has become such a huge part of this family and we absolutely adore her. Not only is she extremely intelligent but she will perform any task for nothing more than a little verbal praise. She is very social but does have the natural protectiveness that will transition well in protection work. Bailey has a very strong drive and an endless amount of energy. Her obedience training is going well and she is quick to learn new commands. There have been no signs of any environmental issues with her and we have brought her everywhere. Of course I can't forget to mention how gorgeous she is! We constantly receive compliments on how beautiful of a dog she is.

This company knows what they are doing and I give them my highest recommendation.

Our German Shepherd dogs and puppies are from European working bloodlines. As professional trainers we can provide you and your family with a highly intelligent, versitile, fully trained German Shepherd dog. Our German Shepherd dogs and puppies are of the highest quality available in the Midwest, healthy beautiful working dogs suitable for all venues of work including being active family companions and personal protection dogs.