The name Wir Vertrauen stands for “We Trust” because we provide German Shepherd dogs trustworthy of protecting you or your family. Trustworthy, highly trainable dogs with natural intelligence and a confident out going temperament combined with superior physical condition and a solid genetic foundation.


F-Litter by Wir Vertrauen
Now Accepting Deposits
Lasso Bett Silver

Lasso Bett Silver CS
DOB: 07/21/07 Sex: Male Height: 65 cm Weight 85 lbs
Accomplishments: DH, SCHH1, MR2
Hips: FCI: A 1/2 Elbows:< /b> normal

SG Eriel Von Tajgetosz (Eriel)

DOB: 11/02/07 Sex: Female Height: 59 cm Weight: 75 lbs Accomplishments: HOT -- AD, BH, CGC, VCC
Hips: OFA Good Elbows: normal

Eriel Von Tajgetosz
Puppy price - $1500 USD
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This litter is expected to be whelped December, 2013. We are now accepting deposits - please send us an email or call.

Based not only on what each of these dogs represent as individuals but also through the experience we have working with and training hands on with their past progeny we are expecting to see puppies that have optimal intelligence and trainability combined with superb agility & physical function.

Lasso Bett Silver

Sire: Description coming soon - Lasso Bett Silver

SG Erial Von Tajgetosz

Dam: Eriel came to us as an 8 week old puppy and has been a best friend since. She has been handler owner trained in all three phases of Schutzhund (tracking, obedience, and protection) and has earned her BH certificate ("Begleithunde" an obedience and temperament evaluation), an AD ("Ausaduerprufung" 12.5 mile jog used to test a dogs endurance & physical condition), she passed the American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen evaluation and is recognized as a certified working dog by earning her VCC (versatile canine companion) title. She is also national and international champion, including multiple best of breed wins, group placements & a best in show win. Her hips are certified OFA good and elbows normal. She has also has been DNA tested for and was determined not to carry the gene that causes degenerative myelopathy (D/M)

Litter Announcement and puppy pictures are coming soon.....

As trainers, we have personally handled and trained German Shepherds from around the world (Germany, Czech, Hungary, and the US). We have taken this experience and developed a breeding program to accommodate clients, families, and working level professionals with a dog that is functional, intelligent, trainable, and trustworthy.