German Shepherd Males

Von Shadow Cael Rex Shadow  
Name: Von Shadow Cael Rex Shadow (Cael)
Media: Pictures / Video / Pedigree
Achievements: BH, CGC, TDI, SchH1
Stud Service: $1000
Comments: Cael is a dog with an old world appearance and a confident outgoing temperament that is the epitome of the Working German Shepherd dog. Structurally speaking the amount of bone and substance this dog has is undeniable. His muscular build combined with his strong character make it easy for him to push thru and disassemble the opposition. In the protection phase his initial strike is fast, he grips full and strong with intensity and conviction. Off the field Cael is a dog that is social, confident, and a family dog. He is friendly with children, stable and calm in public places, and a good traveler. Cael’s pedigree consists of an exquisite 50/50 combo of Czech DDR and West German working lines. Click here for a detailed description of Cael.

Geomanny Vom Kozies  
Name: Geomanny Vom Kozies (Manny)
Media: Pictures / Video / Pedigree
Achievements: HOT -- AD, BH, CGC, TDI
Stud Service: N/A - Retired
Comments: Manny has a very athletic, compact and masculine build. He has a tireless work ethic on the field and when it is time to come in to the house, he very easily becomes quiet and relaxed. He always has a smile on his face and is ready to play. Even at 4 years old he has the spirit and playfulness of a puppy. He has a very diverse training background including foundation in PSA, Ring Sport, AKC Obedience and is currently being worked towards his Schutzhund titles. Manny will enthusiastically retrieve anything you throw for him, has great form going over jumps and is lightning fast. Manny is now retired from the breeding program.