German Shepherd Females

SG Eriel Von Tajgetosz (Eriel)  
Name: SG Eriel Von Tajgetosz (Eriel)
Media: Pictures // Video // Pedigree
Achievements: HOT -- AD, BH, CGC, VCC
Comments: Eriel is exceptionally fast and agile with a ton of drive. She is truly a pleasure to be with because she has a tremendous desire to work and always wants to be a part of the action. Training helpers have commented on how much they enjoy working her in protection because of her speed, strength and intensity. Eriel has very nice structure and correct conformation and has done well in the German and International all breed show ring. She brings both beauty and brains to the table. Handler, owner trained 100% from a puppy and is currently working on obtaining her Schutzhund titles in 2010.

Anna Wir Vertrauen (Ana)  
Name: Anna Wir Vertrauen (Anna)
Media: Pictures // Video // Pedigree
Achievements: BHOT -- CGC, TDI
Comments: Anna is a Manny / Ema daughter from our A-Litter. She is currently in training for Schutzhund and training in all three phases (obedience, tracking, and protection). Her tracking is methodical, she is quick to use her nose to locate a scent path, and her attention span and concentration on the foot prints is very good. In the protection phase Anna is clear minded and highly motivated to work. Her bark and hold exhibits strength and attitude, and her grips are full in the pocket, without chewing or thrashing. She is confident around people, kids, and social with other dogs. Anna has a strong bark/alert and is quick to distinquish changes in her environment.

En Durko Wir Vertrauen (Ema)  
Name: En Durko Wir Vertrauen (Ema)
Media: Pictures // Video // Pedigree
Achievements: SVV1 ( 90 / 89 / 97)
Comments: Ema is the picture of feminine strength. Prior to coming the United States Ema was a working police K9 in Bratislava, Slovakia. She had to take an early retirement due to a broken canine tooth but is now enjoying the good life here at home with us. She does have progeny in Europe who are about to begin their careers in law enforcement. The key to this girl’s heart is her ball; she has very high ball drive and an excellent retrieve. As intense of a worker as she is, she is also very loving and affectionate. We are very fortunate to have a working line German shepherd of this quality in our breeding program. Ema is now retired from the breeding program at IDWT.