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Is the German Shepherd right for my family?

The German Shepherd is a working animal with drive, character, confidence, with the physical ability to herd and or guard. In order for this type of dog to live in the home it needs daily exercise, consistent training, socialization, and a structured routine. German Shepherd Dogs love strenuous activity, preferably combined with training of some kind, for these dogs are very intelligent and crave a good challenge. To be truly happy your GSD needs a task in life. If you are willing and able to provide this type of environment, yes- the German shepherd would be a great companion and protector for your family. If your idea of owning a dog is keeping the dog out in the backyard or in a crate with no socialization or training, and expect the dog to be a perfect family pet & guardian then you should consider a different breed because our dogs are not for you.


What type of guarantee/warranty comes with my Wir Vertrauen Shepherd puppy?

We breed German Shepherds of the highest quality and what the owners of our puppies to feel satisfied with their new family member for this reason we give a comprehensive guarantee on the health of our puppies.


What is the difference between a “Working German shepherd” & other German Shepherds?

Over time, several different types of German Shepherds have evolved. The three major lines are FCI recognized international working lines, the FCI recognized international show lines, and American show lines; these groups are distinguished by their body types and abilities. The working lines are bred for physical ability & intelligence over appearance, the international show lines are bred for appearance over ability, and the North American show lines are also bred for appearance over ability and have most recently developed into a very different type, with sloping backs and over angulated hocks.

Do German Shepherds shed a lot of fur?

Through out most of the year German Shepherds shed very little only a little bit loose hair but once or twice a year (depending on the climate and living conditions) your dog will “blow coat” and will shed out quite a bit of hair. With several good brushings during that time of year it is a very manageable situation and it’s just part of living with a shepherd. Otherwise German Shepherds require very little grooming, in order to avoid removing important oils from the skin we recommend bathing only once or twice per year. Keep toe nails short with regular trimmings and provide proper chew items to keep teeth and gums healthy & clean.

Do you really breed BIG dogs?

No, we do not breed for extra large dogs. All of our dogs fall within to the FCI standard for German Shepherd Dogs. Oversized GSDs typically are not fast or agile enough to handle the physical stress endured by working/sporting dogs. Generally the average height at the withers is 55 - 65 centimetres (22 - 26 in) & weigh between 22 - 40 kilograms (49 - 88 lb) with males being on the higher end of the scale and females on the lower side.

What kind of food should I feed my German Shepherd puppy?

We feed all of our dogs Orijen brand dog food. We believe this is the absolute best kibble on the market in the US at this time and recommend this brand for all stages of life. Other premium dog foods you could consider if Orijen is not available in your area include…………..

Will protection training make my German Shepherd dog vicious?

For well bred, well adjusted and well trained dogs no, not at all. The protection training comes after a solid foundation of socialization and obedience. It is a trained behavior, just like sit, down, heel and come. By training your dog to bark and/or bite on command only empowers you with an on / off switch for something your dog is inherently already able to do.

What is “limited” or “full” registration?

All of our puppies are sold with a limited registration from the American Kennel Club (AKC). This means if you were to breed a dog with limited registration that litter of puppies is prohibited from being registered with any organization. However, in the event you are interested in breeding your dog we can grant you a full registration. Prior to doing so we would require copies of hip/health certifications as well as proof of titles or other certifications earned.

What type of training do you recommend for a Wir Vertrauen German Shepherd puppy?

Age, activity level, and what commands you would like your dog to perform are contributing factors. Family companions we recommend our obedience Boot Camp. Personal Protection companion – we recommend Boot Camp level II with protection training. Each breeding varies and we have specific blood lines that produce dogs for sport, protection, and family companions. Generally speaking, the dogs we produce are compact and athletic, breed to work on the field with good stamina.

What age should I enroll my dog for training?

Socialization should begin the day your puppy comes home. When you pick up your puppy we will go through some specific imprinting exercises to get you started. Thereafter, you should enroll your dog for our inboard training program at 6 months of age. We breed for specific temperament and understand your needs therefore our training program will provide you with the most ideal canine companion.

Personal protection training and when its right for your dog will vary. Generally speaking we like to do the foundation work at 6 months or after the young dog is done teething. The more serious protection training should be done when your dog is mentally mature – somewhere between 12 – 24 months of age.

Should I attend a puppy class?

Yes, we highly recommend puppy class. This is a great time to get your new pup socialized with people, children, dogs, and in a new environment. Or, you can enroll your puppy for In Dogs We Trust puppy program and we will do a 4 week socialization process to increase confidence and work through the fear stages for you. Our puppy program is an excellent prep course for dogs that will go on to do service work, therapy training, and/or SAR.