Puppy Questions


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City: State: Zip:
* Home Phone: Cell Phone:  
* Email:  
How long at current address (Years):  
Do you have a spouse or any other adults living in the home?(Yes or No):
Number of & ages of children living in household:
Who in the family will be taking the primary role of caring for this dog?
What are the major activities, hobbies, or exercises you & your family most participate in?
For what purpose do you want a German Shepherd Dog? Personal Protection, Schutzhund, Agility,Family Companion,etc…
What do you know about the GSD as a breed?
Will this puppy be treated as a member of your family or just a dog?
We select the puppies for each family, since we know our pups better than anyone else. If we have equally suitable puppies available, then we allow you to choose. We won’t sell you a puppy that won’t meet your requirements, how do you feel about this?
What type of area do you live in? (put an x in one): City Suburb Rural
What type of housing? (put an x in one) Apt. Condo Duplex House Other
Do you rent or own your home? (own or rent):
If renting- landlords name, address, phone:
If you rent or lease, do you have permission from your landlord (yes or no)?:
to own a dog? (yes or no)
to own a GSD? (yes or no)
Do you have a fenced yard? (yes or no): Height of fence (feet): Size of yard:
Describe your fence (type, construction, etc)
If you dont have a fence, where and how will the dog be exercised and be allowed to eliminate?
What other dogs have you previously owned?
What happened to them? (Please list)
How many & what other types of animals live in your home?
How do they react to other dogs?
What are your plans and/or goals for this dog or puppy?
Have you ever trained a dog in obedience classes (yes or no)?
If yes, where and what methods were used?
If no, why?
Will the dog live in the home (yes or no)? Outside with a dog house?
If not, where?
Where will the dog sleep at night?
Where will the dog be kept when there is no one at home?
What will you feed your puppy and why?
Do you believe in using a dog crate (yes or no)?
Do you have a preference to the sex of the dog (male/female/dontcare)?
If no preference, why?
Do you plan on spaying or neutering your GSD (yes or no)? Why…?
If you move, what will you do with your dog?
When you go on vacation, where will your dog go and who will care for it?
Who is the veterinarian that you have or would use? Please provide all information:
May we have your permission to call your Vet as a reference as to how you take care of your animals (yes or no)?
 If no, why?
How did you hear about our GSDs, and who referred you to us?
Please tell us a little about yourself and why you feel you could provide a good home for a dog; Feel free to list any additional comments or questions here: