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German Shepherd Breeder and Trainer
>> Sport vs. Personal Protection K-9 - By Josiah Neuman
There are many differences between a sport and personal protection k-9. The dog itself should have similarities such as solid nerves, stable character, as well as the physical ability to do the job. In this article I am going to discuss the similarities and differences that you should consider if you are looking for a sport or PPD prospect.

>> Dog Whispering or Dog Training? - By Josiah Neuman
What is dog whispering? Will it work for my dog? These are questions we here often, and much of it revolves around media publicity. In this article we uncover specific canine behavior and how it relates to dog training and what is referred to as "whispering".

>> Treadmill Training Your Canine - By Josiah Neuman
Dogs on treadmills date back to the early 1900s. Each and every boot camp dog that comes to Neuman K-9 Academy is trained to run on the treadmill. In this article we share some insight from our hands on experience to help you get started with your canine...

>> The Impossible Canine - By Josiah Neuman
The Impossible Canine is a dog training article that discusses tips and techniques we employ into our training program when dealing with the most difficult cases. We give you four simple tips on how you can re-shape your dogs

>> Dog Training with Food or Treats
- By Josiah Neuman
The three most widespread arguments against employing food as a motivator in training are: 1. The dog will only work when treats are present. 2. Distraction proofing with treats is ineffective. 3. It cheapens the bond between dog and handler. Here is our 2 cents on the topic...